In the quiet there is a turning over of all energies that you have held close to your heart, a time where all that was unclear becomes like a new moon.
Shining the smallest glimmer of new beginnings and hope.

We are in a particularly powerful time where we are asked to prepare ourselves by focusing on who we truly are. Calling back the remnants of our being that have been lost in the expression of our emotion and experiences.

Expressions of faith and hope hold no truth that brings clarity. They are merely fuel feeding us collectively to trust in the wisdom that we hold within. It is a great seduction to think that another holds the keys to our clarity, and yet these one’s can trigger us beyond anything previously considered.

When silence calls

Some listen intently and take all the time they need as it is an invitation they have longed for.

While others rush, continually pushing their way to the head of the line, feeling they have worked towards a commitment to succeed.
Having no time to sit in silence. Perhaps losing the ability to hear the whispers to the success that is already theirs.

Our past regurgitates itself where stubbornness is played out. Where one is incapable or unwilling to approach themselves with love and understanding.

A child energy that is caught on a merry go round, afraid to jump for fear of facing nothing more than the voice that begs to be heard. A voice that is shared carries the weight of your past freeing one from the shadows of self into the present moment. Where freedom awaits, expression of all emotion is the challenge we face. Fearing another has a greater grasp of happiness.

Not wanting to appear weak we hold tightly to our story.

Forever holding that child captive in foolish decay.

angel calling for silence within

In the silence

There is a rare and precious gift. Your child self awaits the liberation of all issues as he or she moves forward. Pushing you towards all emotional stimulation that will give rise to your divinity.

Reminded through sensitivity that the lower vibrational memory are patterns of belief that we hold and carry they are imprinted into the very fabric of our being through all planes of our existence.

Listening to the silence, the heartbeat and the sound of your own sacred breath brings forth the connection of your spirit, allowing your higher consciousness a pathway shedding light into every shadow.

The spoken word is the invitation, it is the prayer that promotes change and opportunity for growth, freedom and joy.

External Realities

The external realities call out for your attention. Holding you in captivity. New beginnings, the invitation is offered to stimulate you and let you know that silence has rewards. It is the opportunity to retrain and shift your mind sets from all lower vibrational energies. We are de- fragging all levels of the inner programs with our capacity to focus on higher levels of consciousness and light.

There are always challenges where situations amplify circumstances in relationships and situations that are testing our capacity to stay positive. To hold love where hatred beckons. Herein lies the most profound opportunities that show the shadows of current situations. Perhaps we have been steeped in blockages or appearances of delay not working out in a timely fashion – these are the very places where great revelations surface.

Our divine intention would be to liberate ourselves from all lower thought forms and memories and whilst we are challenged by the everyday demands, all that we need is as simple as remembering to connect to our breath – moving past the external sounds to the internal landscape where the pulse of our higher consciousness assists us in connecting with the imprints of new reality.

Your higher consciousness will magnetize to you all that you truly call for

The emotional miscreations are the stories we cling to with no apparent reward as this new moon is upon us see it as an opportunity to awaken and act. Know that all that is in the world is a purging – from weather patterns to world events that are creating a window for all to see, sense, and hear what is needed to motivate humanity as a collective to hear the call to action.

The purging may come in forms that trigger the emotional density of your old stories, it may show itself in the breaking down of relationships that do not serve you, it may find you adrift of your security of steady employment, it may come in the form of illness that forces you to rest in preparation of a greater consciousness or body of work for some in freeing you from group karma that your soul so willingly contracted for when you volunteered for this lifetime.

We are asked to take the time away from the outer world, seek the answers to all that troubles you. Within your silence know that all that is being pushed to the surface is perfect in its timing and form. It may be challenging to accept the darkness and hypocrisy as it creates such illusions that all is in peril and darkness. What we neglect to remember in these times of great shadow and negativity is that we have called for this. All who have come to Mother Earth made agreements to heal, clear, and transmute all that is of the shadow. As spiritual beings having a human experience we get caught up in our own stories. The time of being in limbo has reached the pinnacle of transmuting all that is ready to be released through humanities unrelenting strength & focus of love and light.

We as humans find it easier to plug into the old patterns of belief born of fear and hardship, everything that we hold beloved’s everything that individually and collectively that we have held in shadow must be revealed.

We are mighty beings

Brave beyond our fear based emotions. Many would argue that their story that they currently are experiencing has merit because of the reality and impact in carries for them individually. Yet if you look around you, there is always someone else reflecting a greater emotional need than your own. Perhaps this is better stated “we are willing to service the needs of another” than that of our selves.

Pay attention to what motivates you into action.  All that you witness and observe in the outer world is either opportunity to take control of your inner biography. For all things that gather your attention to the point of action. They are a call to arms. It may be the invitation to do your best, to use your focus and energy in a more loving way instead of reacting in a programmed way long held to anger, hatred, fear, control and captivity.

Nothing is an accident, nothing is coincidence. All is perfect even in its heart wrenching expression it challenges us to use our words positively, to act in honourable and loving ways.

For everything, every thread of your experience is a part of your plan. We are here now because of our souls experience. Each soul group that has incarnated has done so as a monad that has great experience individually and collectively.

All that is in the outer experience is the opportunity for all the 3d levels of being to be transmuted and it will take your inner strength and higher consciousness to master over that which appears to be the reality – steeped in lower vibrational energies.

silence within - meditation


These beautiful minds and bodies we are here to be conduits of Light focused on the Divine plan. Do not forget this in your day to day existence, to transmute all lower vibrational thoughts. They are merely distractions, always luring you through your invested experiences and dramas. It is the time of liberating yourself from all circumstances, situations, and people that are not for your highest benefit and good. Take dominion over your thoughts and emotions that continue to entice you into submission, giving away your power abusing the self and remaining in the shadow of false evidence appearing to be real to you.

Use the silence to focus upon the power of transmutation.

Sit quietly within
Focus upon your heartbeat noticing the breath
Simply breathe
If your mind distracts you
Or your body requires greater comfort simply comply
Thanking each thought feeling or sensation until it dissipates all it requires is your acknowledgment and recognition that you hold and contain this within your vessel.
Call upon the Mighty Violet Flame of transmutation
Imagine it spinning in through and around you
Allow this focus of your energy to this one endeavour in through and around you let it be the point of light that you give your power to from you to the unified field of every sentient being on Mother Earth
Send it out through your voice, your deeds, your actions
Let your guidance be heard through the silence and give it strength through the power of your voice through the spoken word of prayer
That every frequency be held as a focused power of transmutation assisted by the Mighty presence of your Higher self, united with each member of your soul family and monad who came to hold the love light and grace through this time of great change and rebirthing.
Transmute all that surfaces every thought action or deed created from sources of greed, corruption, control and pain let every painful situation of humanities experiences through all time frames and dimensions be filled with the love, light and grace with the strength of your true nature as a being of light a being of love.
Use your power by sending a focused prayer each day that everything that is surfacing in negativity and hate be transmuted to a source Dimension
Remember who you are
Awaken your highest calling allowing this to be a time of reflection then awakening your greater plan.

Breathe into the silence
And remember the beautiful soul that you are
Until Next time I am
Katrece Bridger Of Light

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