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It’s been a while now since “Coming Soon” appeared on my Facebook page.

So thank you for showing up and waiting.  Truth is, it has been in the plan to start another website for some time.

Closing the Bridger of Light website was something that was necessary as the old energies shifted and changed.

Finding the time to begin again was not as easy as I hoped it would be.

I knew a few years ago that it would be time for new ways to come forward and that being a Bridger of Light was what I always would be in some form or manner. So as we start this new site, I want to thank all who have been there from the beginning – whether it was having a reading with me, a healing in my lovely healing space, or attending a beginning workshop, purchasing a beautiful pendant or just joining me on Facebook.

It’s been a “long time in  coming” due to many large & small changes that I knew were coming but had no idea of how they would manifest easily or when they would.

So a bit of catching up to do is called for

I have left the Central Coast after 15 years there. My lovely husband was given notice that he would have to reapply for his 14-year position, you know how the government loves to create great changes at the expense of others, after six months of them culling managers a new one was put into his department and he, like all but 3 employees were offered a redundancy package from his government position, our rental home of ten years was put up for sale the following day.

After us putting into play about a year ago a transition to retirement plan we were convinced the worst case scenario would actually be a divine gift , when I said to him “the worst that could happen is you don’t get a position and you will get a redundancy,  he said “oh they won’t give out redundancy packages “ his new manager delivered the news that he was unsuccessful in being placed in a position, but that he could apply for the position once it went public, Roy said thank you, but I will take a redundancy package his manager was a bit gobsmacked at his reaction.

Roy felt like he had won the lottery.  He stayed another six weeks in that time I had begun a search for a new place to call home. Finding a suitable home on the Central Coast is challenging enough when you are working with a great monthly income, but when you decide to downsize it becomes interesting, to say the least. I spent about 2 weeks searching every sort of “home” you can think of and the closest I came to finding something was in the Blue Mountains of NSW. Growing exhausted of not being able to find something that would give us a reasonable home with as little mortgage as possible with the funds we had to work with was proving to be quite the challenge indeed.

After deliberating and meditating on this a few times I again was becoming quite challenged and I had asked in meditation for guidance, in relationship to which direction from where I currently lived. I had received that guidance in one word “SOUTH” I thought oh, that wasn’t what I expected. A few more meditations ensued where I asked for more specific direction. I was given more direct guidance after the fourth time it became quite clear that I was being given 2 names or locations and still I was allowing myself to be stuck in my interpretation. I was being directed to a town that began with G which I was not making out at all, so my mind thought OMG Gosford? I hate Gosford so of course, the answer would not come due to my judgment, the other was then a matter of asking again please explain lol. Then I thought I will ask in a different way I asked give me guidance in the direction between 2 locations a town that started with a G and Richmond was the reply, that became another resistance inside of me because we knew in no uncertain terms that we did not wish to live in or around Sydney suburbs, it was just not an option.

After another few tries I was getting very frustrated and upsetting myself and was very forceful in my demand, you would laugh indeed to know that the next time I went in it was a loud and one-word reply TASMANIA. As if I was so stupid that I had to be yelled at to get it !!!

Well in saying that, I began an online search for properties in Tasmania. Long story short –  Roy left his position on July 14th we left our home on the Central Coast (which by the way we sold to the new buyers because the agent never showed up after booking an appointment with them, “still awaiting that commission”) and on August 10th we left for the last time. We left on August 11th driving to Melbourne and boarded the Spirit of Tasmania for our over- night journey.

We Begin Again

We Begin Again in Tasmania

I had found a nine-year-old home sitting atop a picturesque hillside surrounded by mountain ranges on 10.5 acres. Arriving on the 13th of August to a home that we had told our family and closest friends needs nothing done, we began a major renovation creating the space to be our own. I must say in between expo’s I have had my challenges in getting enough rest and continuing to stay positive. Roy has done an incredible job learning to plaster and is all but completed the painting with only 2 rooms and a stairwell to complete – we are getting there. We have until November 11th to complete our part of the renovations and the final piece comes into play the carpet will be laid.

We have put our mark into our much smaller home but are truly appreciative of the view we see every day. I don’t think I could have planned it any better,  to be honest with you.

It meant leaving grand- children and friends behind all that was familiar to us both. But if anyone could do the journey it was us.  Known to most as the Fockers we were up for the adventure after all the grandkids aren’t interested once they hit the age of 10.

So that’s the news for now. We are in Mangalore, Tasmania.  Our first stages of renovation had to be our private space to make it ours and do it ourselves, we have a stunning new kitchen.  Roy built a new wardrobe and we did a major renovation on the one that was already there in our huge bedroom. Awaiting warmer months so we can walk the property and begin the gridding process on the land along with a Goddess Garden that I have been instructed to assemble.

Katrece.com.au is a project in process, so continue to bear with me with patience. My aim is to create a website that will utilize the tools of light that I have been given over my lifetimes. Sharing with you where possible, writing what comes through channel or thought, and sharing with you through a process which might be a bit unusual in a website format.

For years I have been asked, “how do you know what you know”? Or do what you do? I have always had the same dumb look on my face and a similar reply which almost certainly along the lines of “I don’t know. If I knew that perhaps it wouldn’t happen!!”

I realized that the way information flows through me is by answering questions. One might say that when I started out by doing Tarot readings/ later channeled readings/ healings that the cards were merely a tool that I utilized to make others comfortable. The information always came in streams of energy where I felt/ saw/ and just knew the information to share with others.

So my hope is to put forward a series of short courses where I put a topic out there from what people have asked.  I realize that questions are the trigger for me. I find it challenging to go in and ask for information to share in a format of a workshop. I just felt that I was making things up, indeed when you are more Claire-knowing it is the hardest of the attributes to trust because it just flows through you. I also realized rather quickly that I don’t have that much of a creative vein in my body to make that stuff up.


So I will endeavor to bring forward some ideas and streams of short courses based on the questions that you might have. Like when you go for a reading with someone. I will offer short readings online and subject matter of interest to you making it a small costing so that everyone finds it affordable and doable. Blogs that will be of interest as guided.

So here we go people,  Katrece Bridger of Light is still my position, one who traverses the higher realms and bridges the information to the lower denser realities.

I will begin to do workshops again in 2017 working with the gemstones. For my passion is with them, and the tools of light and I will step back from being out on the road so much as in doing the expo’s and taking them to a Private Facebook group.  “There is no room for sharing “ as the photographs and Branding must be in line with the agreement I have with my beautiful and profound partner Kate. But will do my best to present the new stock to people who I must invite to join the secret page. There is no sharing from that group page, but it will give you the latest information and what I have in stock in Australia.

I want to teach more about the stones themselves and connect people more to the Tools of Light that they are for they are indeed beautiful but they have a massive job to do with you.

So here we go carriers of light that you are, put your thinking hats on and let’s begin the journey and see where it takes us.

If you haven’t already come on over and join our Facebook Community Page

I am Katrece.com.au






AKA Katrece Bridger of Light





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  1. Can’t wait Katrece, I’m definitely interested

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