The flow of energy can be seen in many forms of nature.

The river of life has been a description that we can relate to with the emotions ebbing and flowing like the moving waters. Whether it be a calm trickling stream or a raging ocean deteriorating the rocky cliffs.

Now, the tone that has been set is to be precise and quick with actioning on anything which is challenging, anything that holds to the old paradigms has a time limit of our own choosing.

There is nothing that we should cling to any longer, for all we do is nothing more than our own resistance, the stories of our own makings.

Humanity has been set adrift, it is time to sink or swim. These statements are put out as if they are challenges. Each one will react or recognize a matching vibration that suits them. All in accordance of where we wish to land and where we are adrift, lost in our story and emotions.

Clarity of a Rare Diamond

I have personally witnessed a vibration that has grabbed my attention quite literally as I have been driving.  On a recent trip from Sydney to Melbourne my attention was drawn to witness 3 men stopped in a rest area alongside the highway. What I witnessed was one male on a phone standing about five metres away from the other two men who were in close physical range of one another about one metre apart – in a stance of defensiveness. I continued driving down the highway and in doing so my mind thought what would possess 3 grown adult men to be engaged in a heated argument in a rest stop.

What is it that occurs between people? My mind played out a scenario of wanting to find humour or understanding.  I would share it in a story saying – what were they just driving along for several hundred kilometres and suddenly go that is it, you ate my junk food and drank the last soda and that’s it? Time for verbal abuse followed by a fist fight at road marker 66?

Mind you on this same road trip I witnessed a car ahead where there were a group of teenagers. What got my attention was there was a group of about 5 males surrounding 2 others who were in the process of stripping off their jeans and t-shirts and putting on a floral dress. That filled me with laughter and curiosity of “but, why?”

Two months later I was driving again going through a family neighbourhood. Just rounding a curve in the road where on the left is the elementary school where my grandson attends and across the road is a neighbourhood shopping centre. On the sidewalk stands an elderly man a bush separates him from a man who appears to be a good ten to fifteen years younger in my guess-timation (yes I made that word up) they catch my attention due to speed bumps giving me time to witness the anger coming across the bush.

The old man stands slumped over somewhat and the man inside the bush of the neighbourhood shopping was doing so with a great deal of anger and pointed fingers and loud voice. All I could think was “what is wrong with all of the men”? Why is there so much public anger being seen?

All one must do is stop and think about it for about 30 seconds and you can justify any belief that suits the situations.

gold dust

In truth, what I felt I was witnessing was the result of a lot of miscommunications (in my view) in the world.

It may have been in my peripheral vision, but I was being shown what was going on all around me as I drove from location to location.

My witnessing led me to think longer and deeper in relationship to many of the people who I connect with in the day to day life I lead.


So much anger is rising to be met by us.

Many are not coping with the continued battles put forth by the 3D model that humanity has operated from. It is being broken down and released on every level of our being.

Being an Earth element in the physical form is a very grounded energy it see’s things that others would miss. Earth is grounded solid  Wind blows it can come in a wispy manner or blow with the fury of a cyclone disrupting everything in the path before settling down to see clearly.

Water would be going through the endless comprehension of the emotional being, and fire would express openly if they are held within a foundation of a strong and proactive base chakra. With the capacity to have clarity of mind and healthy base chakra to ground it knowing they deserve every success/every idea born from the fire creation energy to flow with it ideas put into action.

We are all in a form of transformation arriving at our destinations is a co-creation co-participation act. We are all trying to survive in a sea of chaos. Created by exhaustion, confusion of what is fair and how do we survive a world that has no clear vision or leadership?

Everything is adrift.

We are quite clearly in the flow of the river, I would prefer to lie back and enjoy the view that is above me. Whether I imagine it to be a darkened sky with twinkling lights and stars – or a clear blue sky filtering wispy white clouds through sunlight. I have no need to flounder or fear the journey. All is well, for I am surrendering to an inner guidance that has no creation in mind.

I have been given certain pathways to follow – they are quite simply life.

This time of year, seems to bring out the best & worst, for we are either in the grips of despair in relationship to giving and receiving or we are in the JOY of celebrations. How we use our energy is up to us. It is not always easy to be positive and up beat when you’re faced with the everyday challenges and not all are equally prepared to stay focused on being positive. We have the ups and downs and sometimes when you’re down it seems impossible to see the light at the end of the challenges being faced by you.

My Prayer

My prayer for everyone would be that you are blessed in all that you do. That whatever the challenges, it becomes easier in every way for you to find a solution. If you are being challenged on the emotional level or facing a physical illness that you have the strength and tenacity to not alone endure it, but win the internal battles that only we create.

If it is on the level of financial pressure, that you have the practical know how to hold steady your course with great focus and clarity of what is truly important and of value to you. Without feeling sorry for self or succumbing to peer pressure or measuring your worth by what you do and do not have. You’re a beautiful being in a free will zone. Use your will to create that which makes you happy there is no box to hold you.

I pray that each one has the clarity of the Diamond and may all that you create be easily integrated without restrictions of limitation on every level.

We stand upon a precipice leaving 2016 – a year of completion. Take a moment and review anything that draws your attention so that you can gently release it. No matter how difficult the past has been the present moment lends itself to your ability to create from the NOW moment.

How well have you loved, how much have you learned, and how well have you learned to let go of all that does not serve you.

May the Diamond energy be the gift you choose for 2017.

Much love light joy



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