Mastering the Energy of Balance

Bringing peace to our inner world is often a challenge as we look at the world at large around us.

I send many prayers and thoughts to all the people experiencing trauma and concern due to the high emotional energies which are creating so much fear.

It feels as though we have no control of the shifts that are occurring – where we normally find empathy to run to the aid of our friends and family it is becoming harder to entertain.

We are so use to working through our challenges by creating stories which stem from expressions of those individuals that we spend our time with. The world around us is creating many dramas that are pushing many of us to disengage or shut down. Much of what we normally respond to is becoming more challenging to find ways of communicating, rather than running away.

Find Your Spiritual Barometer

It’s time to acknowledge the level of your healing is to be able to find the balance within you.  So that you are not thrown off your game. Find your spiritual barometer and try to remain focused on the positive energy that you hold within yourself. Hold the heart open – find moments during your day to send a prayer out to those things that are grabbing your heart strings or overwhelming you.

Remember your power is a doorway & opportunity to share your peace, your love, your grace.

As many are witnessing through their colleagues, friends, family there are still many things coming up. The more you are acting or reacting outward the more I would invite you to look at the karmic side of these situations.

Remember no one has power over you.  No one is doing something to you or creating your reactions, they are 100% owned by you.

mastering the art of balance choose joy

Universal Upgrades

Many of whom I term as light workers are the beautiful souls who have been working on healing for quite some time. They are quite thrown off with how they are noticing how much is still coming up for them in relationship to emotions that are triggering them in undeniable ways. There are powerful upgrades going on for all of us whether you are aware of it or not.

One way of recognizing this is through our reactions in the ‘now’ moment.  Anything that is not peaceful or loving is going to show itself from the deep dark spaces where we have supressed the emotions and memory. The body holds everything for us.  So there is no compromising on understanding it when they are shown to us through karmic interaction with those brave souls who have agreed to do this dance with you.

Here is one way of thinking about it, when we are reacting to the world around us, we are not always willing or able to accept what we are feeling or seeing is a part of us.  We often think it is anothers, because we are experiencing “how we feel.” Or we are reacting with our judgements or projecting our beliefs or patterns on that person or group in front of us.

Karma is one way of putting these situations into perspective. Or,  you can simply choose to own your reactions, look in the mirror & expend your energy owning how you are feeling is a truth.  Then when the outer world comes along, you may find yourself able to come from the more spiritual perspective.


Mother Earth is changing radically. Through the mass media we are exposed to the ugly realities of what we are most afraid of.

Nothing can be suppressed, nothing can be in the state of unconsciousness. Consider that all that we are witnessing and alarmed by brings the state of fear and distorted energy to the surface for all to see. It sparks us to touch into the ability we must offer prayer and healing for not just one but for all.

We must choose how we spend our energetic signature allowing greater and greater separation from the negativity that creates such fear and distortion.

Think of all that has been held deeply in fear and hatred as the old- world order, and know that all that is arising now will push its way to the surface one way or another. While you may wish to simply suppress it we ask you to understand there is no time like the present to re-establish your focus with great trust. That as you exit the old ways of blame /projection /anger fear you can give rise to a new reality.

We are under construction and the more you may notice right now energies that are no longer in alignment with us we are free to choose that the people places or things can go, when we liberate ourselves to have something new.
Practice your gifts talents and abilities that you have picked up when you begin to disengage from the old to the new you will find your mood lifting your thoughts focused more on love, peace, joy, and forgiveness.

Making the transformation

The body is coming with us in the ascension and the more you wake up the more you will notice the body showing you through discomfort or illness what it is holding. We are literally being reconstructed and during the cleansing and purification process we are being shown on every level that all must be clear.

I began wearing my vibrational gemstone the Ascension Mystic for its beauty then realised that it was deeply purifying all levels of my being through many timelines and dimensions. What many might term past lives, the records are all being cleared and it’s occurring rapidly. If you’re feeling overwhelmed it may just be showing you the need to support your body /mind/emotions with a deep and abiding love. Let go the need to carrying or hold onto the old ways out of your fear of not being loved or liked whether it be by family or friends. If there is a drama being played out in front of you, choose it or shut it down.

It isn’t about cutting people out of your life. It is about loving it free so that it need not be played out any longer. We are in the place of great transformation and releasing all that we are ready willing and able to is the key to mastering over all that is creating turmoil.

Be the one who wakes up then shows the world one person, one group at a time what joy looks like.

Hold your intention on your healing. Forgive all transgressions that are being shown to you.  You will know what they are in your life –  they are the people, places, or things that appear as someone else annoying you, creating drama. Where your indignant self reacts, or acts out in ways you find unhealthy, creating unhappiness. Own what is yours and thank the person place or thing that has given you the divine reflection to heal it.

Many Blessings hold you for all that you are,





Katrece Bridger of Light



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