Disconnection & Recognition of what holds your Interest

Gaining power over the self where addictions and negative habits remain.

No matter how hard you have tried to push away that which you hate most about self or others – the more power you give these very patterns, the greater their control is over you.

It is a matter of where you focus your attention – this is where your energy goes. Think of these as fragments or extensions of your soul through the accumulation of energies such as judgments and fear that build up within. They are held in your energetic signature of your auric field, your body, your emotions and of course the mental body.

Always the focus of clearing and cleansing the facets of our soul is at hand.  We are in the choice point of clearing the past time lines. We are in a time of new creation, so as one can imagine the old will rise to greet you as if it is checking in one more time or 1000 times for your individualized choice point.

Each one of us believes ourselves to be experiencing our own unique challenges and yet, each one is magnified and reflected upon another. We are indeed in the out breath of Mother Earth’s expression of her own healing and creation the Universe is in expansion.

observe and recognize that which are focusing on

View everything as an observer, a witness to all that is around you within and without.

Observe the opportunities to clear and heal the suffering and pain. All that has created anxiousness and that which distresses you. We are in stages of self-mastery.

Where you place your energy and your thoughts are the pathways you sense are the only way of dealing with any given circumstance. Remember you are choosing in every moment.

Your consciousness is the power, your actions the force that give greater expansion to your new reality.

Focus that which is within you in such a way that you become more and more aware of the creator that you are, let your imagination work with the patterns and intentions as you focus on that which you truly do have total control of.

“Your breath”

Imagine these as frequency that you give form or pattern too, listen to the sound and cadence of the breath. Add colour to this and within you create the form you wish. Expand spirals of light created by your conscious intention giving these very vibrations through conscious thought and holding intention of pattern streaming forth from you .

Each step you take towards recognizing how you use your energy is an opportunity to create a more heart centered reality. For in truth being the master of our own lessons assist us in reclaiming all that we are.

Stay focused on the outcomes you hold most dear and sacred to you – joy, harmony, love unconditional love, acceptance, and from the Power of God that you are bring these into conscious reality.

Many are challenged with trust and forgiveness.

They have been betrayed & hurt. These energy forms trapped within the body create disease on many levels of being.

Many are challenged with illness both mentally and physically. As the timelines alter and collapse we are given the opportunity to lay down the loads of emotional debris, of the mental conditioning created by repetitive patterns carried through our emotional inability or unwillingness to use our power in the wisest possible way.

We feel we cannot forgive one who has hurt and harmed us in unforgiveable ways. But beloved hearts you have survived these circumstances so that you may offer your strength and determination to a greater form of creation.

observe your thoughts

Photo by Liam Welch on Unsplash

If it is forgiveness that is required


You are not offering forgiveness to those that have hurt or harmed you as if it meant nothing.

Forgiveness is the GIFT you give yourself.

It allows the mind to let the focus of energy to be spent on loving yourself free with innocence & LOVE.

All energies are in relationship to unity rather than separation

As fragments of memory and aspects of being come into your conscious awareness. Know that as you hold your awareness on what is tripping you it can send you are cycling into a downward spiral of fear/doubt/anger or any other negativity. Be the observer of where you now reside in your consciousness in relationship to your emotions.

This is the opportunity to find the balance and opportunity of resetting the unbalanced. Recognize them as the patterns and beliefs that control you through emotion. Patterns that are not your desired outcome or state of being where you have been held captive in any negative way.

As you do this you can transform your consciousness by holding intention

The more one focuses on, for instance, addictive pattern or habit the greater the desire is. In other words, our energy is focused on those patterns and where our energy is directed the greater the control of the emotion or addiction becomes. They are emotionally being reinforced. So in truth, if we can simply notice that these old-time lines of experience are seeking the light. Your love to free them into submission, recognition and therefore release and healing.

In many ways, all that we have called for in relationship to anchoring more of our higher self may be misunderstood. That as you do so it is not going to only bring the gifts, talents and abilities it will also bring the sensitivities and those aspects that carried heaviness that is stuck in some disharmonious energy.

the universe

Photo by NASA on Unsplash

We have all called for the greater aspects of our being and in doing so, our consciousness is capable of expansion in miraculous ways. It is indeed a time to take off the masks that have disguised our true self.

As you do you are loving that part free and becoming stronger, unfortunately with so much happening so rapidly we are often caught in the instability. Just like Mother Earth who is experiencing storms both on the Earth and in the solar system, we too are breaking through the barriers.

More than ever, we hold the intention to leave behind the old emotions. We ask you to simply let go the resistance and any mental confusion. Knowing it is as simple as intention. As your power. You are a co –creator, a Master, who is consciously acting through conscious intention knowing that these simple techniques are powerful positive ways of creating a more balanced & harmonious energy.



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