Over the last few months, you may have noticed many situations in the physical body have come up in the form of skeletal back and neck pain.

I spent much of November/December 2016 processing much of this discomfort in my own body. This is a familiar process for me due to physical damage in the past.

My conscious mind understands this and can have a dialogue with self that goes something like this “well after all when you jump out of airplanes for ten years” you will tend to experience some physical ramifications. I must add that although I did have a few near mishaps I had done much to heal the physical effects of that damage.

Many things occur quite naturally in the dynamics of the hustle and bustle of preparations for Christmas and holiday season, along with this many of us were dealing with quite an onslaught of Anger /and resentment, in my own life I can relate to this through a great grieving that I was processing through assisting with Ashaea, my best friend who was transitioning from physical form.

I thought the physical pain was a result of all that I was dealing with, however, the emotional reactions were one side of things while the other was the un-deniable physical neck /back pain & leg pain that just would not seem to shift no matter what I did.

What was offered to me was an insight and understanding that I was not in this alone.

Every one of us is processing the energy of transition whether it is through an illness of a loved one or our own emotional processes this deep- seated energy rests deeply within each of us.

I was fortunate to feel such love for my dear friend this showed me in many ways that the relief would come to me through the Power of Love. As the months pass, I realized this short message was not complete, we are literally being remodeled from the inside out.

We are being realigned by the incoming energies. We may not quite understand how this is taking place but the message is quite repetitive.  As the planet is releasing much of the karmic memory through weather/ politics/ religion and economics. We are feeling the pressures in every area of life.

We might consider our bodies as a library of memory.  Our bodies are amazing in how much they sustain and continue to function. Mind you at times they don’t seem to function as well. Give yourself credit for recognizing that you have an amazing body. Through the emotional discomfort, you are reminded of what is pushing you to grow, through forgiveness and compassion.

Thank your body for showing you through the discomfort and pain that it is holding and processing, for this sometimes is the body’s way to let you know that the simple misunderstanding you had with a total stranger in traffic this morning is being shown to you through the tightness in your neck. If you took a moment to simply thank your body for bringing it to your attention and then took the time to notice whether you sense the pain in the neck may have eased or indeed completely released the tightness or discomfort.

Your body is simply cataloging your experiences for you, when you take notice of what your body can do for you, you can shift in exponential ways to release and process much that brings you discomfort and distress rapidly.

Remember we are all in transition. Karmic energies are releasing in the collective field of consciousness as well as your own personal reality. Sometimes it’s a simple reminder to do an energetic check.

Were you perfectly fine without pain before you arrived at the shopping centre or other public location?

If so take a moment and simply take a deep breath,

Simply ask: Is this emotion or pain that I am feeling mine? Listen to that intuitive voice and when you receive your answer then simply command your body to release the symptom that you are experiencing.

For example: “I walk into a crowded shopping centre, and I suddenly feel anxious or angry, “

I find a nice little corner to simply sit or stand close my eyes and take a few breaths, then I simply thank my body for showing me that I feel anxious and angry since I arrived.  Now I simply notice whatever I notice inside, I feel calmer and lighter, I thank my body for showing me that I feel calm and lighter. Then I might notice that I have a sore back so I thank my back for showing me that it is sore. So I simply say I thank my back for showing me the stiffness, when I do this the stiffness releases and I sense it lightening and easing so I thank my body for showing me this, as I do I feel a heat in my spine & as I thank the heat in my spine I notice that my neck is quite stiff, so I continue to thank my neck for showing me the tightness that it is holding, Just continue to thank and notice what comes up in your awareness and as you do this it eases .

After doing this process a few thousand times I recognize what is and isn’t mine rather quickly. Most of us forget to acknowledge what we ourselves know.  We are a very reactive species and look for quick solutions through pain control or simply ignore our bodies which in truth are great barometers of our soul’s knowledge.

Release karmic energy that is causing discomfort or pain in the body

The changes are quite automatic that are occurring on the planet and our bodies are simply processing a lot of old karmic energy and we would be wise to acknowledge and ask for assistance. Ask questions of your own inner guide and know that the answers will come to you in the moments of silence and acknowledgment.

Our carbon-based bodies are releasing the old so imagine that your skeletal system may experience pain and discomfort for quite a time, so any acknowledgment through your inner expression will assist you to release that which is yours and that which is part of the field of the collective. We are in transition from carbon to crystalline so your energy field must be open to receive the incoming energy. The more you can clear your body of the old, which shows itself through pain and discomfort then you can understand that you are open to the incoming energies. At some point and time, you would have placed your hand up to go through the upgrades. You could think of it perhaps in this way If you are in resistance to change then the body will show you through discomfort, when you acknowledge that then you can shift the energies quickly and you are receiving more of the incoming light codes and or messages. If you like, that you are upgrading you to the higher aspects of your being.

So, allow yourself to change the reality of what you sense and notice to shift the discomfort and pain. This then allows you to experience the energy in a more profound and beautiful way. This will allow you to evolve in ways that you cannot imagine if you are focused on sorrow or pain.



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