About Katrece

Katrece is a transformational healer, dream-vision facilitator and spiritual counselor, whose gifts will help others to understand higher dimensional spiritual concepts and how to awaken their own innate healing powers.  As a creative dream-vision facilitator, she also focuses on awakening, grounding and enhancing the dreams and visionary abilities of others with her own personal transformational, healing, meditation processes and conscious dreaming programs.   In short, Katrece is a consciousness guide and galactic earth representative who helps individuals to create clear access and communication with the multidimensional world of Spirit.

In addition, Katrece  specializes in teaching spiritual life skills, psychic communication and development as well as self-empowerment training.  Her work concentrates on creating a greater connection to God and to the Higher Self, while bringing the mind and heart into harmony and balance, so that higher levels of spiritual power may be achieved.  Katrece’s teachings incorporate new creative multidimensional ideas and concepts along with practical spiritually.  This will bring clarity, illumination and great peace of mind to the human spirit.  Her work is to bring courage, hope and inspiration; awakening the quest for spiritual exploration, freedom and the desire for ascension within each soul.