Welcome to the online home of Katrece

This site is nothing more than quiet contemplation and sharing of all that appears to be going on. It may do nothing more than match an emotion that you too may be going through, or it may give you a moment of knowing you are not alone. So on the Wings of Peace I send you my heartfelt prayer that you are being held in great love in your life at this moment of time.

In the times ahead we are given the opportunity for great growth and achievement through our contemplation and acceptance .  The time of delving endlessly into the past or longing for the future is well and truly over. It is indeed time for each one to hold the light within and express this out into the day to day through loving kindness and gratitude with every living thing.  Holding this alone will allow the Wings of Peace to spread through our life in magical ways.

Disconnection & Recognition of what holds your Interest

Gaining power over the self where addictions and negative habits remain.

No matter how hard you have tried to push away that which you hate most about self or others – the more power you give these very patterns, the greater their control is over you.

It is a matter of where you focus your attention – this is where your energy goes.

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In the quiet there is a turning over of all energies that you have held close to your heart, a time where all that was unclear becomes like a new moon.
Shining the smallest glimmer of new beginnings and hope.

We are in a particularly powerful time where we are asked to prepare ourselves by focusing on who we truly are. Calling back the remnants of our being that have been lost in the expression of our emotion and experiences.

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Mastering the Energy of Balance

Bringing peace to our inner world is often a challenge as we look at the world at large around us.

I send many prayers and thoughts to all the people experiencing trauma and concern due to the high emotional energies which are creating so much fear.

It feels as though we have no control of the shifts that are occurring – where we normally find empathy to run to the aid of our friends and family it is becoming harder to entertain.

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Over the last few months, you may have noticed many situations in the physical body have come up in the form of skeletal back and neck pain.

I spent much of November/December 2016 processing much of this discomfort in my own body. This is a familiar process for me due to physical damage in the past.

My conscious mind understands this and can have a dialogue with self that goes something like this “well after all when you jump out of airplanes for ten years” you will tend to experience some physical ramifications.

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The flow of energy can be seen in many forms of nature.

The river of life has been a description that we can relate to with the emotions ebbing and flowing like the moving waters. Whether it be a calm trickling stream or a raging ocean deteriorating the rocky cliffs.

Now, the tone that has been set is to be precise and quick with actioning on anything which is challenging, anything that holds to the old paradigms has a time limit of our own choosing.

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Welcome to Katrece Online


It’s been a while now since “Coming Soon” appeared on my Facebook page.

So thank you for showing up and waiting.  Truth is, it has been in the plan to start another website for some time.

Closing the Bridger of Light website was something that was necessary as the old energies shifted and changed.

Finding the time to begin again was not as easy as I hoped it would be.

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